Here I put down things I am thinking about, reading, writing and researching on. Often these are unfiltered thoughts and works in progress.

My thoughts & ideas are perpetually under construction…

…as such, they’ll probably have some spelling and grammatical errors….try to look beyond that and let’s engage.

My areas of research, writing & presentations revolve around diffusion of Edible Insects, New foods, Food innovations, Development and Evaluation of Food and Nutrition Technologies, online learning resources in teaching and learning and Openness  in science and research  (access, education, resources, pedagogy).

I am a sort of an edible insect’s enthusiast. I produce, harvest, process, cook, consume insects on a day to day basis!

Feel free to contact me: jkinyuru@agr.jkuat.ac.ke

“A food product is only limited by your imagination.” (John Kinyuru, 2014).